At Go Rogue Dog Training Center our goal is to help you help your dog reach their full potential.  We strive to help you enhance the bond and better the relationship between you and your dog. We offer a wide range of services paired with our staff’s extensive knowledge, experience and expertise. Please see below some of the services we offer.


Multi Species Training and Behavior

Don't have a cat or a dog but need help with training your pet? Give us a call, we may be able to help!

Cat Behavior and Training

Have you added a new cat or kitten to you home and need help integrating them into your household? Or have an existing cat that is in need of training? At GRDT we can help you with anything from excessive spraying to fear and anxiety. We specialize in helping you understand your cats individual needs.  Call us for more information.

 Kitten Kindergarten

Who says training classes are just for dogs? A social hour and training session to help you get your feisty feline off on the right paw. Socialization and exposure is important for cats too! In this class your kitten will enjoy playtime with other kittens, exposure to many environmental obstacles, and mental stimulation. You will also receive tips on litter box training, nutrition, socialization, and much more! Kittens must be up to date on vaccinations and be cleared by a veterinarian to participate in class. Please contact us to sign up.

Special Offers:

SoHumane Coupon

Coupon in adoption packet for $10 off private session or class. Coupon must be presented at time of service.

JCAC Session

Complementary 1 hour training session for dogs adopted from JCAC. (See your adoption handbook for details, expires 6 months after date of adoption. Subject to changes, this is a FOTAS program)

Core Services:

Group Training Classes

Our classes have low student/teacher ratios which allow students to have more personal, one-on-one time, making our classes not just affordable but more efficacious. At Go Rogue Dog Training Center we know socialization is a crucial aspect of a dog’s life.  Many people take training classes as a way to socialize their dogs, however more often than not, it results in the dogs ending up becoming more frustrated and distracted because they are not allowed to meet the other dogs. At GRDT, many of our core classes include an active social aspect where the dogs get to have off leash playtime. Play is supervised by the instructors, which allows the dogs to improve their social skills, learn proper social behavior, reduce frustration, release pent up energy, and have fun! During this social time we will also practice skills taught in class, to help your dog stay connected with you even in distracting environments. We also have classes without social time for dogs who are not yet ready for off leash play. In our classes you will build not only your dog’s confidence but your confidence as well, allowing you and your dog to reach your full potential.  See our Class Schedule Page for available classes.

(Fees are subject to change at anytime)

Private Training

Private training is ideal for someone who needs a more flexible schedule or desires more one-on-one attention. We offer appointments conveniently in your home, a park or public setting, or at our facility. Private sessions are available by appointment. 

Fee: Initial evaluation is $100 per hour. Follow up sessions are $75 per hour (within 15 miles of Medford, OR) 

(Fees are subject to change at anytime and additional fees may apply)

Behavior Modification

Behavior Modification is ideal for dogs with fear, reactivity, separation anxiety or other issues. Sessions are available by appointment.

Fee: Initial evaluation is $100 per hour. Follow up sessions are $90 per hour (within 15 miles of Medford, OR) 

(Fees are subject to change at anytime and additional fees may apply)

One on One Training

Great for someone with a busy schedule, or for someone who needs more advanced training. With our one on one training service you drop off your dog and we train your dog for you. Sessions available by appointment please contact us for more information.

Fee: price and duration varies

(Fees are subject to change at anytime and additional fees may apply)

Other Services:

S.T.A.R. Puppy and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Classes: Prep and testing

At Go Rogue we promote responsible dog ownership and are excited to offer STAR Puppy and CGC Training classes and testing. For more information on these programs visit: AKC.ORG or contact us for more information.

Finding the right pet

Are you looking to add a new family member to your family? Our Pet Finder service is available no matter what species you are hoping to add to your family. With this service we will attend local shelters and rescues, contact breeders or private owners to help you in your search of a new family member. We help with integrating new pets with existing pets and help guide you to find the perfect match. Service available within 15 miles of Medford, OR

Fee: Please contact us for more information.

(Fees are subject to change at anytime and additional fees may apply)

Assistance (Service) Dog Training

We are Certified Assistance Dog Trainers that can help you select, train, and utilize a professional assistance dog. If you currently have a dog you are hoping to train we are able to assess your dog and make recommendations for continued training. We also are able to assist you in selecting an appropriate dog if you do not currently have a dog. At GRDT we provide Lifetime support for our Dog/ Handler Teams. Please contact us for more information.

Therapy Dog

If you are interested in Therapy work and would like to train your dog to become a Therapy Dog look no further. GRDT is able to help you from selection of the right dog through advanced training. Please contact us for more information.

Play Groups

A great opportunity for you and your dog to have a playdate with other dogs. Play groups run for 60 minutes. You and your dog will enjoy supervised (by professional trainers) play time in a clean, climate controlled environment. No more rainy day blues, come join us for a howlin good time! Must have dog evaluated to participate in play group. See our Class Schedule page for play group days and times.  


Custom Training Packages are available. Call 541-327-9559 for details.

Serving Medford, Phoenix, Talent, Ashland, Eagle Point, Central Point, White City, Gold Hill, Sams Valley, Shady Cove, Trail, Grants Pass, Rogue River, Applegate, Ruch and more! Travel fee applies for locations 15 miles or more. Fees vary and are subject to change at anytime.