Go Rogue Dog Training Center LLC. is Southern Oregon’s premier dog training and behavioral training center. Carrie Brooks and Kaye Geyler offer science-based, positive and force-free training methods that are easy to learn and fun to use. It’s our mission to help clients become connected and life-long partners with their pets, we do this by creating realistic and sustainable training methods and goals that encourage deep understanding and respect between pets and their owners.

Why Choose Go Rogue?


Experienced Professionals
We are passionate about what we do and genuinely care about building deep bonds between our client’s and their pets. We offer unique and customizable training programs for each client’s individual needs. 

How Is Go Rogue Different?
At Go Rogue Dog Training Center we focus on teaching our clients dogs to be happy, stable and confident members of their households and the community in which they live. Our teaching includes practicing in real-life scenarios so our students are prepared to have their dogs in the real world. With both of us  involved full-time in the business it gives our clients the individual attention that is often needed during class.

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"I love this training! It's totally changed my relationship with my dog. As we go to classes and practice together, we are learning how to understand each other and the process is really exciting and satisfying. Plus, the play portions of class are the most fun my crazy little terrier could possibly have. We're both so glad that we found Go Rogue!"

-Kathy and Jack




"I have lots of plans for having fun with my pup in the future, including regular visits to the senior care home where my mother lives. I'm confident that Flicker is getting the best start possible with GRDT. The classes are fun, and I feel privileged to have not one but three professionals to help me be a better dog mom!"

-Geri and Flicker




"Rosie loves Go Rogue Dog Training! If you're thinking about hiring a trainer, definitely go see them. They make class fun!"

-Nita and Rosie